What on earth is "W00tstock"?!?

To put it simply, w00tstock is awesome. Three-ish hours of the very best entertainment that geek culture can provide, courtesy of Mr. Adam Savage, Mr. Wil Wheaton and Messrs. Paul and Storm, and a selection of special guests. Previous shows have included musical interludes from Miss Molly Lewis, Mr. MC Frontalot and Miss Felicia Day, Mr. Sandeep Parikh and Mr. Jeff Lewis from The Guild.

Here's what Mr. Storm of Messrs. Paul and Storm says about w00tstock.

OK, sounds fun. What's it like?

I haven't been lucky enough to go to a show yet. Which is sort of the point of this blog. Anyway, have a look at the w00tstock Flickr photosets, check out some audience videos on YouTube and subscribe to the official YouTube channel. That should give you a feeling for the level of epicness achieved during the three-ish hours. Special attention must be drawn to the w00tstock 2.2 Chicago show, where the 3 minute-or-so "Captain's Wife's Lament" took the cast 35 minutes to perform!

Yes!! I want w00tstock!! What's next?

First, we need an audience to spur on the w00tstock guys. All you need to do is go to w00tstock's Eventful page and add a demand or use the Eventful widget on the right-hand side of the page to demand a London show. After you've added your voice, spread the word far and wide!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Triple Figures And A Question

After a month and a half of steady growth, we've reached our first milestone. As of today, we have 102 Eventful Demands for W00tstock in the UK. That's over one-fifth of all the Demands for W00tstock! This is a tremendous achievement. Well done, everybody!

What now?

Tell your friends about W00tstock. Send them links to the video clips and to the performers' sites. Get people excited about the possibility of W00tstock UK.

And now for a new angle. Back before W00tstock 2.4, Molly Lewis sent this reply to a tweet from @d_olsen:

"There may be a UK W00t in the future, but I probably wouldn't be able to afford joining them."

This got me thinking. Molly's such an integral part of W00tstock now that it wouldn't feel right without her being there. If it would ensure we got to see our favourite geek culture performers and they got to come over here and perform, would people be willing to club together and help out with / cover her costs? It's just a suggestion, so your comments on this would be greatly appreciated.


  1. If a ticket price is set, I would probably pay it no matter how much!
    So yes definitely, just add however much onto the ticket price to pay for it!

  2. I'll donate £20/some sort of accommodation for Molly Lewis. Wouldn't be the same without her.

  3. Helping cover costs actually seems like a really good idea, as (presumably) that's one of the biggest problems with trying to export w00tstock. But it would probably also be dependent on how much the shows themselves would cost . . .

    At the very least, we should clearly offer them a case of jaffa cakes each. And all the tea they can drink!